MoviePod 1.22

Your movies, your iPod


  • Add movies to iTunes playlist
  • All automatic


  • Audio and video quality setting not precise


Looking forward to watch movies on your iPod? If they're not in the MPEG4 format or have the correct resolution then you won't be able to. MoviePod converts a number of video formats to make them iPod ready in seconds.

Just select your video, by either pressing the 'Add Movie' button in the menu bar or dragging the file onto the program's interface. MoviePod will automatically convert them to iPod ready MPEG4.

You can preview them to see if you're satisfied with the quality and save them in an iTunes playlist.

MoviePod handles the most common video formats, including MOV, AVI and WMV.

You'll be able to choose from four different screen resolutions. Thanks to two menu bars, you can adjust audio and video quality settings, however, we didn't find these to be particularly precise.

The quality of the videos is always up to par to, so you'll have to make a number of tests before you fully satisfied. Also, since the program automatically converts videos we weren't sure when the preferences we set affected all videos or just the ones selected.

So you got the new video-enabled iPod. You've got your own movies. Why can't you watch them on your new iPod? MoviePod saves you the trouble of having to manually convert your movies in order to play them on your iPod.



MoviePod 1.22

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